Happiness: A Reachable State of Mind

how to reach happiness

Happiness is a state of Mind


I was very intrigued about what neuroscience suggested we do to feel happier. I am currently living in Northern Sweden and it’s winter right now as I’m writing this blog. Pretty much darkness most days and for a sun-worshipper like me, this is not the happiest of times. You get the picture. I thought reading the article will be beneficial for me so I can form better habits to avoid feeling unhappy or worse, get depressed.

Read on Time’s The 5 Habits That Will Make You Happy, According to Science.

I devoured the article in just a few minutes. The suggestions were pretty simple and easy to do.

  • Listen to music that reminds you of the happiest moments in your life. Head bang, dance, do what you must to get the happy nostalgia.
  • Smile whenever you can and wear sunglasses (outdoors that is). When it is bright we tend to squint reflecting a look of worry which gives the brain a biofeedback that we are not happy. Wearing sunglasses = no squinting = positive biofeedback.
  • Think about your goals in life. The more realistic they are, the better.
  • Sleep well. Get the necessary number of hours to relax your weary body and brain. I personally don’t stick to the 8 hours, I listen to what my body tells me. If I need more, I sleep more.
  • Stop procrastinating. I mean it! Start now not tomorrow. When we put things on hold, the nagging thought causes stress. We don’t need anymore stress in this lifetime. Start doing little things at a time, you will be surprised how they will lead you to finishing the task.
  • Take morning walks, better if you can share the time with a friend.

I might have to add a few things on this list. These simple habits give me an instant perk.

  • Communicate with friends and family often. The distance makes it impossible for me to be physically present so I make use of digital technology. Come to think of it, I literally abuse it. Social media is this age’s gift when used wisely.
  • You are your best friend. Laugh at your own silliness. But don’t start talking to yourself, if you know what I mean.
  • Write about that one thing that made your day. Keep writing if you can and call it your Highlight Journal. Whenever you need inspiration, go back and read an entry. Reminisce that good day.

There you go! In our pursuit of happiness, we can try these simple ways to reach that cheerful state of mind.

How about you? Do you have some tips on how to get into that happy state of mind?
Share your thoughts on the comments section!



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