Be on the Lookout for Your own Funspiration



I had a little eureka moment just now. I decided to start my own little picker-upper movement (hint: blog title) My Day-to-Day Funspiration. (Jazzhands!)  Take that, Life!

Funspiration is anything funny that inspired me and made my day. Something that I had heard, seen, or read that made me laugh, giggle, and smile is what I would label as a funspiration.

People say that smiling and laughing cause wrinkles. I don’t really mind them. Everyone will eventually transform into a raisin at old age. Plus, a wrinkle-free face when you’re not in your teenage years anymore usually make people suspicious of you having a deep platonic relationship with Botox.

I personally love to laugh. I think doing so will keep us all from aging fast especially in this stress-filled world. I thought to myself since I always find (or voraciously search) these funny memes, tweets, posts etc. online, why not start compiling them or just beast-mode spread them in all my social media accounts. I just hope my view of what’s funny is the same as most people’s. If not, sorry not sorry (hehe).

Don’t even start with my Funspirations on Facebook. That is a goldmine. One of my favorites is the 9GAG site. Their viral posts always have me in stitches!





Some of the funniest ones I follow on Twitter are Ethel Booba, Pepeng Pinakamalupet, and Senyora Santibañez. They mostly write in Filipino so the more I enjoy checking them out. Jokes are just too juicy when delivered in one’s native language.






I don’t have close friends here (I’m in Sweden and it’s currently winter time) who can pep me up (unlike in US when I worked on ships) when I feel dispirited so I rely on the ingenuity of people who post hilarious things online. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and friends, I have someone or something to turn to when things go rough. Shrinks are pretty expensive. If I were my own client, the fees would have been hefty.

Thankfully, my sources of funspirations are not just from the online world. My real-world happiness providers are the people I love. I consider myself lucky because 90% of them are naturally funny,  not humble-bragging but just #blessed. My boyfriend can crack me up big time, my mom says the darndest things (wait till she mimics someone), and my friends didn’t grow up figuratively and literally. Let’s not forget my cousins who seemingly were pre-appointed by the God of Mischief to be born just specifically into our crazy clan. They made growing up years wildly interesting and unforgettable.




I vow to carry on with my Funspiration drive. I know I have a tendency to procrastinate but I think I’ll be good on this one. Looking at my past online activities, I realized I had been doing it for years. Needless to say, I just need more funspirations to spread around from now on.

If you know any fun sites, feel free to share and follow my blog. We all need a good laugh. 🙂




Drop me a line and let me know what you think. :)

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