The Downside of Friends Day on Facebook

Facebook knew how to pump up their 12th year anniversary. Imagine my happy surprise when I saw this cool video presentation made by Facebook for my friend’s wall. It was tailor-made so we can celebrate and remember the good times we shared with friends. It was a pretty neat idea and I think it was an instant hit. Especially when you see your own profile on your friend’s video!

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I quickly made my own. Yes, you can edit the photos! What Facebook pre-made for you can be changed. Realizing it’s best to put group photos, I scoured for the best ones but the frames were limited in terms of my need. I just had to include all of them so I made another video! That may sound greedy but I didn’t really think of it that way. Better try to make my friends see I appreciate their friendship, right?


It took me a while to finish my second round (got too picky which photos to place) that by the time I hit post, a lot of my other friends have already displayed theirs. Not wanting to look egotistic but I was curious to know in which other ones I would appear in.

I realized though that a possible downside to these circulating Friends’ Day videos would be that sinking feeling you get once you see your profile was not included by someone whom you considered to be a close friend. Before you jump into any conclusions like:

  • a) your friend does not see your friendship as important,
  • b) you’re placed in the lower ranks of the friendship hierarchy, or
  • c) you were forgotten,

Remember that nowadays, people are busy (clearly not me) that most likely they did not bother to edit the videos Facebook created for them. They might not even know that they can be edited in the first place. So don’t immediately sulk in a corner and feel letdown. For sure, your friendship amounts to more than what that video purports.

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friendships from all over the world

LDR or Long-distance Friendships

Friendship should never be measured with assumptions. Like any relationship, it must be taken care of and maintained. Letting your friends know that you constantly think of them, show that you care for them, and love them to bits would be simple ways to help keep friendships going. I remember what a friend of mine once said, “Love begets love.” Therefore, I think real friendship begets the best friendship. You need your friends in your life as much as they need you.

To quote Edna Buchanan, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” Treat your friends like family, make everyday a friendship day and you will have life-long friendships.

How do you keep friendships? Tell us and leave comments. Thank you for reading! 🙂




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