Why Should We Reward Ourselves With Alone Time?


Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean one is lonely. It can be quite the opposite.

Peace and quiet are what dominate my life here in Sweden. I am quite thankful. You see I was used to a living condition where there was no complete privacy. My time on ships as a crew member meant that at night, the next human being slept on the top bunk. If I was lucky to be alone for some time in the small cabin at daytime, the corridor just right outside my door would never be empty of people walking back and forth needing to go to their workstations.

Now that I am officially living on land again, I appreciate the times I am by myself. I smile at the calm that solitude can provide. And on that note, I realized a few important reasons why we should spend some time alone and just be with ourselves for a time.

1. We learn to listen to ourselves more.
Who here ends up not hearing themselves when faced with a need to decide about something so important when there are so many differing opinions from others, whether solicited or not? (Shot my hand up so fast!) I do. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes other people’s perspectives can be quite significant. We need them to see things from a different angle but admit it, we somehow tend to base our decisions on an indirect opinion poll we have placed on our friends or family. I think being alone gives us personal clarity in weighing in on crucial decisions in life.

2. We can discover more things about us.
I knew I liked writing and photography but just now realized that I don’t just like them, I really love them. Our days are usually occupied with chores, job deadlines, and social events that we don’t see other aspects of our personalities that can also be nurtured. Spending time alone can make us rediscover our “likes” that might turn out to be the magical hobbies that can make us happier in life or even be our next bread and butter.

3. Reconnecting to our self can be a great way to enhance our social relationships with others.
I think the old adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” can describe this. Humans are by nature social beings, we bathe in the joys of friendship and family but spending time alone will help us recharge our social energies. It will do us good to be away from them for a little bit so we can miss them. You will feel yourself getting excited to see them again the next time after being away for a while.

4. We regain independence from the world.
I know most people, especially the ones without partners, would say they are independent. That sort is not what I mean. I’m pointing to one’s comfortability in treading with life in one’s own two feet and being somehow fearless in facing life challenges. Alone. Where you can mentally condition yourself that everything will be alright even with the absence of friends and family to back you up is independence. Gone is the awkward feeling of being judged by others, what replaces it is the feeling of freedom and confidence to be who you want to be and could care less of what others think of you.

5. We can find our so-called “purpose in life”.
Alone time gives us that refreshing drive to search for what we really want to do with ourselves aside from our career and family life. We can end up realizing what makes us tick even more. You might be surprised to find a budding conservationist in yourself, or a humanitarian activist lurking just right underneath the fashionable attire. Bottom line is, when you give yourself some time alone your greatness usually comes shining out in the open.

In mentioning those reasons, I’m sure there are lots more benefits of giving and taking time alone from the rest of the world. I can add more but I will leave it up to you to discover for yourself. The break you take does not have to be lengthy, what matters more is the quality of time that you will allow yourself to have .

Now let me ask you this, do you give yourself some time alone?
And can you share what other good things you think can be of benefit from having alone time? Let me know and give your comments!

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