When I First Sailed the Open Seas

I can never be thankful enough for all the travel opportunities that I have experienced. I am still bewildered at this point whenever I recount the places and people I have encountered in my years at sea. Looking back now, I have to say that serendipity has a sweet way of creeping up in your life although I also have to give a shout-out to the power of strong prayers. Heck, I prayed for my previous job in a mantric kind of way! The power of attraction is strong for someone who truly believes.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW, I worked onboard ships for a US cruise lines company. Ten years abroad was a great chapter in my life. I learned so many things not just in the professional aspect but life in general.

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It’s A Start

I have always wanted to start doing something like this. I was never a fan of higher technology. Computer for checking emails and just plain surfing was the deal for me, doing more than that just didn’t quite fit. But these days I felt jealous of people who seemed to know so much about what is the latest in tech. I felt left behind and in a way stupid. All these #s I see in social media pushed me to know more what such simple things are all about. I’m pretty sure there are complicated matters to learn behind such modernity.

I’m glad I have friends who live in the real world (I work at sea, so semi-real) and an awesome boyfriend who I can rely on when I face a cul-de-sac in this realm of technology. And it doesn’t hurt I have found another internet friend, Google. I say something, he looks it up. Google is a He for me.

I have downloaded materials to read so I can learn simple things such as blogging, creating a website, etc. So after I have learned, my next posts might be more fun and interesting to view and read, hinting familiarity to technology on my end. So I can share what I have experienced through years of being out in the sea, seeing a much bigger part of the world. Painting a good part of my life not on a book but in the world wide web seemed appropriate at this age than to write a book. I might start on that one when I hit 40.

Endless journey

Endless journey

Cliché. In any case for now, I intend to introduce people I have met along the way in my posts and share personal truths of the places I’ve been to. I’m actually excited.