Happiness: A Reachable State of Mind

how to reach happiness

Happiness is a state of Mind


I was very intrigued about what neuroscience suggested we do to feel happier. I am currently living in Northern Sweden and it’s winter right now as I’m writing this blog. Pretty much darkness most days and for a sun-worshipper like me, this is not the happiest of times. You get the picture. I thought reading the article will be beneficial for me so I can form better habits to avoid feeling unhappy or worse, get depressed.

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The Viral Sampaguita Man

I find social media as an endless source of interesting articles and emotionally moving photos. Fact is, I constantly look for them as soon as I start my morning habit of scrolling down on news feeds and friends’ posts online.

Fighting spirit

Iron spirit (photo credit: Archel Cabanas on Facebook)

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sunset hues

sunset hues


Mandala ~ circle. The symbol of our connection to infinity. I see the sun as my mandala. The endless cycle of its rising and setting is a spectacle that never ceases to amaze me but it also humbles my entire being. I am but a speck. But that won’t stop me from becoming a big entity in my own mind’s eye.

I say glorify yourself by seeing the appeal and goodness that you possess. Intensify your thirst for life by relishing every moment, every emotion. Tilt your head to one side when something seems ugly, maybe a little change of angle will reveal hidden beauty.

When the sun sets, be rejuvenated. Tomorrow is another day. Another chance at infinity not set on stone.

A quick glimpse in the horizon told me that I should never miss out on what is beautiful. Never be scared to see what lies ahead.