Why Should We Reward Ourselves With Alone Time?


Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean one is lonely. It can be quite the opposite.

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Happiness: A Reachable State of Mind

how to reach happiness

Happiness is a state of Mind


I was very intrigued about what neuroscience suggested we do to feel happier. I am currently living in Northern Sweden and it’s winter right now as I’m writing this blog. Pretty much darkness most days and for a sun-worshipper like me, this is not the happiest of times. You get the picture. I thought reading the article will be beneficial for me so I can form better habits to avoid feeling unhappy or worse, get depressed.

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Finding my Way to Sweden: Some Tips How to Fly Easy

I finally arrived in the land of fika and lagom.

After a four-month hiatus in the Philippines, I officially bid farewell to my long-time seafaring career. But I am hopeful that my adventures will not stop there. My boyfriend is currently studying in Sweden so that was my next destination.

stockholm pier

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