Top 10 Places To Add On Your Bucket List

When the travel bug bites you, there is (un)fortunately no cure. It’s like one of those itches that just wouldn’t go away.

Traveling may strip you of your hard-earned money but creating memories from travel experiences rather than just acquiring material things gives one his penny’s worth. And of course, there are nifty ways to travel without breaking the bank! It just takes a tad of planning in advance to cut down on cost. It helps to keep track of travel deals by signing up on online travel sites to get a heads-up on flights and accommodation promos and you might be surprised on how much you can save.

As a traveler, you hold the sole responsibility of getting proper information regarding the places you will visit. Planning a trip not only involves packing the right stuff but most importantly, the foresight of checking travel advisories and having the necessary travel documents you need, especially for international trips. Keep in mind that safety and security should always be your top priorities when traveling.

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Traveling is not just a hobby for some people, it has become a lifestyle. So for those searching for new places to add on your ever-growing bucket list,

here are my current top ten:

1. Bagan in Myanmar


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couple's footprints

It’s Not Just About the Trip, It’s About Who You’re With

Vacations spell heaven for me. Don’t you just love those days when you don’t have to worry about the next day for fear of not waking up on time and being late for work? Or not setting up your alarm clock and rushing to get out of the door without breakfast? These are just a few of the trivial reasons why I love a well-deserved vacay.

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When I First Sailed the Open Seas

I can never be thankful enough for all the travel opportunities that I have experienced. I am still bewildered at this point whenever I recount the places and people I have encountered in my years at sea. Looking back now, I have to say that serendipity has a sweet way of creeping up in your life although I also have to give a shout-out to the power of strong prayers. Heck, I prayed for my previous job in a mantric kind of way! The power of attraction is strong for someone who truly believes.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW, I worked onboard ships for a US cruise lines company. Ten years abroad was a great chapter in my life. I learned so many things not just in the professional aspect but life in general.

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Trip Basics: Trekking the Urban Travel Jungle


To see a marvel in the dark of night

To see a marvel in the dark of night.

Travelling is a must. 

I have always had a penchant to be just about everywhere. I guess one factor to the fact is that I am Filipino.  Being archipelagic in nature, Philippines’ beautiful and exotic islands entail lengthy travels for any visitor, local or foreign.

I worked on ships and my wanderlust just peaked from the experience. Soon after I stopped, the travel bug kept on eating up on me from the inside like a terrible moth. That’s why when the need to go to Singapore arose, I quickly made travel plans.

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